Toys are fun and an important part of child development. For a child playing with a toy gives him pleasure, the feel, the sound and also the taste of a toy is awesome to a child. Millions of toys are manufactured everyday and the choice available in a toy store is vast. If parents are not careful, toys could be dangerous too. It is important to keeping mind a child’s safety when buying toys. Most manufactures follow certain guidelines and label toys with details about the product and these can help you make decisions while buying a toy. Read on to find some simple ideas and checks that you can follow to prevent harm and injury to your child.

Most toys have a “recommended age” sticker printed on them. Whenever you buy a new toy, always make sure a toy is appropriate for your child’s age, maturity level, behaviour and abilities. You need to make sure that your child is physically and mentally ready for the toy. You may think that your child is advanced when you compare him to other kids and feel that he might be able to handle a toy that is meant for an older child. But keep in mind that age level for toys are mostly decided on safety factors and not intelligence.

Sometimes, parents buy a bicycle that is one size big so that they do not have to buy another cycle for the child soon. This may seem as a smart idea, but it could lead to injury if the cycle is too big to control for the child. Avoid picking toys that are too heavy, it could hurt your child if it fell over. When buying early development toys for a child that is below 3 years, always think big.

The toy and its parts should always be bigger that the child’s mouth so that the possibility of choking and swallowing can be avoided