Here are a few Aquarius Traits that you need to make note of.


An aquarian is very emotional and they tend to wear their heart on their sleeve. While they won’t show it, they might get really offended about something that you might have said or done and they won’t let it go for a while. IF they don’t know you well, they usually keep these feelings bottled up, however, if they do then this could end up in an argument that might not end well.


As much as Aquarians like to be around people and enjoy their company, there are certain things they like doing on their own and they don’t like people coming in the way. They like to take their own decisions and lead an independent life. There are certain areas of their life they don’t like sharing with others.

Hot Headed

While this might come as a surprise to most people, the truth is that an aquarian is very hot headed and they can end up getting into a heated argument with close people.

People usually think that aquarians are very shy people and they do not love interacting with new people. This is because most aquarians give out a very cold vibe if you do not know them. However that is far from the truth. Aquarians are the most fun loving people if you get to know them. With the help of an aquarian you can break the ice with anyone. If you are new to a place and want to make new friends, you should take an aquarian along. They will know exactly what to say and how to make everyone around you comfortable. When you do not know an aquarian and you see them across the road, they will never acknowledge you.