Any occasion out there calls for the right gift, especially if it’s someone who’s dear to your heart. There are times when you just can’t decide what to give to them anymore; think about it, if it’s your family member than you may have given everything available over the years. Want to add personalized touches to the gifts? We highly recommend a linnen tas bedrukken, we’re assuming that you’re close with them so thinking of an individual design that calls out to them would be easy.

Bags of Love

Known for a wide array of personalized quality products, Bags of Love specialize in gluing, printing and stapling the kind of item that calls out to their customer’s interest. Everything is efficiently printed with the help of their London premises. Items created by Bags of Love are personal, different and unique and not just simply in the way the graphics, texts and photos are combined but in the process itself. Majority of the orders received and created are ready for next day delivery despite being personalized. Orders successfully made before 2pm strikes could be sent out for deliver within the day, order received afterwards are processed on the next day.

When providing the design in an accurate manner, their system and interface will indicate if the quality of uploaded image is sufficient enough for the fabric and size you choose. The image formats are limited to TIFF, PNG and JPG; take note that if the TIFFs are unflattened then it may create changes in the initial design which do not usually appear on the preview; during these cases, Bags of Love doesn’t accept liability. Low quality warnings, the warning in color orange, allows users to implement a handful of the options to ensure an image sharp enough to be usable.