Screenshots are the best way to save things with you which can be used as reference material at a later stage. People often search how to take screenshots in windows 10. There are a lot of important data and information available on pages which don’t always have an option to save, so in such cases its best to take a screenshot which is quick and easy taking a screenshot can only take a matter of few seconds and there are different ways to take one. Pressing the keyboard shortcut key is one such way, where by just pressing prtscn button on the keyboard will quickly take a screenshot and save it to the clipboard. One must then open their favorite image editor and save the screenshot that taken. If one screenshot is taken, the another one cannot be taken immediately without losing the image of the first one. Only after saving the first screen shot one can proceed to take their second screen shot and proceed accordingly like before.

There are other tools available as well that help to take more detailed and flexible screen shots like snipping tool. A snipping tool always comes handy when you want to take screenshot of only part of the screen and not the entire page. This flexibility helps in capturing accurate information.

Since if only part of information is necessary, it is not advisable to have the entire page screenshot saved and kept it becomes difficult to have the required information highlighted and readily available when required. Windows 10 helps to make a lot of features easy to us and help improve the overall experience of using your computer. Most of the latest games are also now a day’s only compatible and work smoothly on windows 10 including the older games that were launched before windows 10.