Like the saying goes “health is wealth” so we have to do our best to take care of our health through preventive ways and not just be prepared when things go wrong. But, some cases cannot be totally avoided and when we do get sick there’s almost always a bill to pay. Medical bills rarely come cheap and you don’t necessarily need to pay the full amount thanks to insurances. Medicare supplement plans for 2019 offers their product called Plan G and here’s how it works.

Plan G

Offered by majority of insurance companies out there, Plan G and other Supplement plans are within reach of people who are qualified and interested. Simply visit their office or the official website, fill out required forms and receive approval quickly afterwards. To get that much needed approval, certain requirements has to be met for the coverage. Despite not selling plans directly, Medicare still controls what are offered and the corresponding documents required. Essentially, when you’re qualified for basic plans under Medicare, you’re already qualified for Plan G and under Supplement plans.

For first timers out there, the requirements are that the applicant should be 65 years of age or has a medical condition that automatically qualifies them for the Original Medicare. Take note that supplement plans are only offered to those that are already covered by the Original Plan. Plan G doesn’t work well with the other supplement plans; it’s better to avail them one at a time. Basically, it’s impractical to purchase them altogether because the coverages are similar and Medicare is opposed to medical coverage plans that overlap. If Plan G already covers you then it’s better to not sign up for Plan C, the same goes when an employer or union provided medical insurance.