According to the recent government update a number of states have legalized the use of CBD hemp oil, if you’re wondering why CBD oil is good then you can get an updated list online. While people are constantly being urged to stop smoking, Medical researchers are slowly encouraging people to start smoking CBD oil in small quantities. If you’re wondering why people are opening up to the use of a drug, here’s what you need to know. Yes, CBD oil is considered a drug and it does give you a ‘high’ however, this is a herb that has amazing medicinal benefits that forces the government to sell it legally.

A number of cancer medications contain CBD oil. This is because it helps to fight the disease and also control the growth of tumors and cancer cells. Recently, CBD oil is being tested for treating autism and there have been some amazing results that have come up.

CBD oil is always a better alternative in comparison to all the other harmful chemical drugs available in the market. It manages to give you a ‘high’ just like the other drugs; however it has a lot of benefits unlike the other drugs which are harmful to your body. Regular drinkers too can control the urge for alcohol by replacing it with CBD oil.

CBD oil has always been considered bad for the body. There have been many myths that have proven that CBD oil is as bad as smoking. However recent studies have suggested that CBD oil can cure diseases that medicines cannot. One of the greatest achievements of CBD oil is slowing down and eventually stopping the spreading of cancer cells. CBD oil has certain properties that slow down and stop the spreading of these life threatening cells. CBD oil is also extremely beneficial for slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. There is an ingredient named THC that is present in marijuana that does not allow the formation of amyloid plaques.