There was a time when acquiring videos in a certain file format involve more than one application; there was an application to download the video, another for converting the downloaded video to other file formats and a separate app for editing. Now it’s easier since every function that we mentioned is included in a single YouTube MP3 converter. Various YouTube MP3 converters are readily available online for those that don’t want to install the app on their device. is one of only a handful of YouTube MP3 converters online that’s user-friendly and free.

Through the converter hosted on, users can quickly convert videos from YouTube to MP3 or MP4 file formats and download the files for free; the online converter is compatible for tablets, computers and mobile devices. Converted videos are in the best quality available, take note that there are limitations to the length of the video, which is two hours; they need to place this limitation so video conversations would only take a couple of minutes. As we mentioned, the service is for free and doesn’t require registration or software but when you decide to use their services then it means that you’re accepting the terms and conditions.

To convert videos, simply copy the link or URL of the YouTube video, select the desired format and press the ‘convert’ button. Once the conversation is done, the file can be downloaded and that’s basically it. When the conversion is stuck on initializing, delete the browser’s cache, restart and give it another try. If it still doesn’t work, try using another browser on the device and when it still gets stuck on initializing feel free to contact them; attach the link of the video if your choice. Take note that video quality cannot be changed or chosen.