Everyone here has experienced being a pirate at one point in their lives. No, we don’t mean the eye-patch wearing pirate that first comes to mind but the digital pirate that gets all sorts of files for free when they know that they’re being sold in the market. Movies are among the most pirated files in the world, which isn’t really all that shocking when you think about it. Those that don’t want to fill their devices with downloaded movies opt for streaming websites which is also pirating in a sense. PutLocker new site is one of the favorite website among streamers and we’ll tell you why.

PutLocker New Site

PutLocker is an online streaming site that offers hundreds of films and TV shows, the latest of which are featured on the homepage; these are divided into the trending, top favorite, top hot, popular and box office categories. On the very top of the page, you can see that the movies and episodes are divided more into series, movies, genres and country of origin. Still having a difficult time finding the title you want?Use the search bar found on the top of the page.

Remember that PutLocker is available for free but there is a catch in using it; users need to sign up for a free account. Signing up for an account will only take two minutes of your time and you’ll be granted access to hundreds and thousands of films and TV episodes. For many, all that effort is better than paying actual cash for monthly subscriptions on applications like Netflix and Hulu. Besides that fact, it takes time before Netflix and Hulu can offer newly released movies because of the required conditions and licenses; you’d be fully spoiled if you decide to wait since everyone posts everything they watch.