The vacuum pal Vacuum cleaner is a great carpet cleaner that tops the list of carpet cleaners available on This cleaner looks stylish and trendy and doesn’t take up too much storage space which makes it a great choice for people with storage space issues. The 360 degree rotating brushes get deep into your carpet to take off all the dirt and dust that’s embedded deep into the base of your carpets and ensures your carpets are cleaned to the core. The Spin Scrub technology takes off all the dirt, stains and allergens and ensures your carpets look fresh, clean and new. Since the cleaner manages to take off all the dirt from the carpets it also kills the foul odor that generates from the dirt embedded into your carpets. The vacuum pal Vacuum cleaner comes with a V shaped head the works perfectly across your carpet surface and manages to fit into all the corners and tight areas of your home thus enabling your entire home to look clean and fresh.

This cleaner comes with a strong suction motor that works faster than most other carpet cleaners and thus enables you to clean your homes at a faster speed. The vacuum pal Vacuum cleaner comes with an automatic detergent mixing system and separate water tanks for clean and dirty water. This cleaner is not expensive and is a great choice for those who are looking for quality cleaning solutions within a limited budget.

The vacuum pal is a great choice for homes that have children and pets. The cleaner has managed to pass various tests that include cleaning emergency spills, allergens, pet hair and dust in an effective manner. The great part about this cleaner is that it effectively throws all the collected dirt into the dirt tank and rinses the brushes from time to time to ensure you get the maximum cleaning experience.