A failing relationship can be mentally and emotionally exhausting. If you have been with your partner for years on end and are suddenly witnessing major changes in the relationship, you will probably begin to panic and worry that your relationship may have run its course. To ease your distraught mind, you can look out for these signals and signs through dating apps that your relationship is failing:

Lack Of Communication Between Both Partners

If your partner was the one person with whom you could share everything, but now has suddenly become the last person you will run to in troubled times, this indicates that you can no longer communicate openly and freely with him or her. Lack of communication in any relationship is a sign of disaster. If you can’t have a decent conversation with your partner and if every conversation only ends up in a fight or argument, there’s a red signal for you right there.

Lack Of Affection Towards Each Other

If at one point of time you and your partner were known as the perfect couple and were the envy of every person in town, but now are constantly at each other’s necks, this is a sign that your relationship is failing. If you have pretty much forgotten how to be kind, caring and affectionate towards each other, you need to understand and come to terms with the fact that the relationship is spiraling towards a dead end. Lack of affection in any relationship is never a good thing.

Dwindling Sex Life

If you find that your sex life has come to an abrupt end, or that sex has just become a chore and task for the both of you, there’s a sign that your relationship might be failing. While the sex life in any relationship may not be as fiery as it was in the beginning, any healthy relationship will still have that little spark when it comes to the physical ways of displaying love. Look out for a dwindling or non-existent sex life to know that your relationship is failing or is on the road to failure.