Can’t quite achieve that pristine shot that you hoped for? Well, a lot of factors go into the perfect shot from the experience of the photographer to the angles, lighting and setting. In terms of equipment, it’s not enough that you have a great camera, quality lens should come with it. Yes, the lens play a crucial role in the quality of the pictures that you take and the right one could make all the difference. Do you know which one is for your Sony A7III? If not, Camnisia at is here to help.

Sony SEL85F18 Telephoto Fixed Camera Lens

Photographers out there on a budget that’s a bit tight should definitely look into the Sony SEL85F18 telephoto fixed camera lens. The price is just enough that you’re not forced to spend a small fortune or sell some stuff along the way just to get the perfect shot. You’d be pleasantly surprised at how a camera lens with a humble price could deliver outstanding photos. For a price that’s definitely lower than most you get camera lens that’s convenient in size, performs better than great and has a nice build to it. Sony SEL85F18 telephoto fixed camera lensis excellent for every photography and portrait shots. Below are a couple of its features:

  • Autofocus

when paired with the Sony A7III, autofocus is quick and accurate in addition to being whisper quiet; the whisper quiet setting means that it works for videos too.

  • 9-blade Aperture

the potential of the lens is optimized by the 9-blade aperture; take note that the higher number of aperture, the better the bokeh. The circular shape of the aperture improves the bokeh, this is highlighted by a comparison with apertures on straight blade forms.

  • Weather sealed

since the lens is weather sealed, it can withstand outdoor elements preventing possible damage from moisture, dust and dirt.