T-Shirts can be one of the ways through which you do some talking. In such case, your shirt is called a “statement shirt”, This allows you to let just about anything out there, whether it be the simplest, most humorous statements to put a smile on people’s faces, to those strong stands for or against a particular social issue. From the most trivial to the most complex ideas, shirts are great ways to express yourself. One such example of a simple idea is this shirt which can be found on 0stees.com: https://www.0stees.com/products/a-girl-her-dog-and-her-jeep-shirt-hoodie-tank. While making a strong, clear, definite statement matters, what are other tips you can get for better T-shirt designs? Let’s find out below.

Explore and Imagine Concepts

If you want the best t-shirt design possible, then you would need a lot of brainstorming. A good design usually brews for several days to a couple of weeks, and if you have been designing for a long time, your gut feeling usually dictates if your statement shirt is going to be good or not. Sketch whatever is on your mind for the meantime, but don’t be afraid nor think twice about going out, exploring, walking around, and getting ideas from even the most unlikely places to get one.

Color and Artwork Matter

The colors of the shirt should be complementary in nature. This means that the colors look good on each other. Adobe Illustrator has a Global Colors feature that allows you to check on this instantly, so that you will not have any painful, contrasting colors, or that you will not end up wasting too much time in getting the color of your choice. In the selection of your artwork, it’s a good idea to make use of pantone colours as well whenever you do print screening.