Obesity could be linked to many health issues in dogs and has been a growing concern. Knowing what is the ideal weight and how much to feed your pet might be difficult and tricky. Many pet owners over feed their dogs and hence it is important to take your dogs for routine checkups and to consult your vet about the correct food portions.

How often should I feed my dog?’, is the question that arises in every dog owner’s mind.The amount to be fed to a dog depends on it’s age, breed and size. Younger dogs require a smaller amount of meals throughout the day. They should be started with 5 small meals per day and reducing it to 4 meals per day at the age of three months. At the age of 6 months, the meals need to be brought down to 3 meals per day.For 12 months or older aged dogs, it is recommended to feed them only once a day. For smaller breeds it is recommended to feed them twice a day as they consume only a small amount at each meal. Always look at the recommendations mentioned on the label and always choose a high quality food product.

For smaller breeds, it is advisable to feed them 1-1/2 cups per 10 Kgs of body weight whereas the larger breeds are recommended only 1 cup per 10 kgs. Medium to large breed dogs should be fed in raised bowls to avoid them from swallowing in air while eating, which may result in bloating. While feeding the dog you must take it into consideration the calorie content of the food, the current weight of your dog and targeted weight. After feeding your dog a required amount of food, it is necessary to weigh your dog once in a month to know if you are on the right track.If required,make the necessary changes to get your dog at his ideal weight. Most dogs are under exercised and over fed, so to be on a safer side always feed your dog in smaller amounts at the initial stages. After all, our dog’s health is in our hands.